Jen Lee
An ever-evolving list about me that will be edited if facts change or are no longer true.
This means on your next visit, the list may consist of #1 and #2 only.

1. I was born in Los Angeles, California and my parents are from Seoul, South Korea.
2. My birthday is 7/7.
3. I now live in New York and that's mainly because of Felicity.
4. Noel Crane inspired me to graphic design.
5. I once sauteed zucchini in water. I'm a terrible cook with terrible instincts.
6. Tomboy Style is my closet personified.
7. I'm not an animal person, but I love Pete and Olivia's dog, Cassius.
8. I'm super passionate about Top Chef.
9. I'm also super passionate about Keds.
10. I'm the proud owner of a Starbucks Gold Card.
11. I truly, truly love pop music.
12. But I don't care for live music.
13. I once fell off a treadmill.
14. I love lists!
15. My favorite apple is the Honeycrisp.
16. I hate paninis because they hurt the roof of my mouth.
17. My favorite foods are soup and meat.
18. I'm still not sure what a "meme" is or how to pronounce it. It has something to do with catz?
19. I love spending time alone. I can go days without speaking to anyone.
20. My favorite game show moment.
21. I have a soda machine at home. I mostly make bubbly water.